GRC2018 New Zealand Summit

08-08-2018 8:30AM 08-08-2018 5:00PM
Cliftons Auckland, Level 4, 45 Queen Street, Auckland, New Zealand

The complexity of the compliance professional’s role in modern organisations is frequently underestimated by even the professionals themselves. In the current climate, where culture and conduct are the key focus and desired output of effective regulation and compliance and risk frameworks, the remit of the compliance teams in organisations includes the responsibility for creating the framework within which this can be achieved.

Whether this is something you consciously have been directed to do or understand that this is what regulators are working to achieve require of your organisation, the skills, knowledge and data you will need to combine to apply mean that it is no longer possible to deal with areas of regulation in isolation. Business areas need to share data and your analysis and understanding of issues arising and potential indicators need to acquire depth and evidence in this era of data driven compliance and risk.

Our GRC2018 event series will be run around the country and New Zealand over the coming twelve months, with keynote events in Sydney and Melbourne. Throughout this series we will be offered members and guests an intensive day of professional development, which will include:

  • Access to regulatory insights and feedback
  • Meet and greet peers and regulatory contacts
  • Contribute and share ideas
  • Participate in plenary sessions deep diving into skill and knowledge areas vital to lifting your professional practice.

These day training opportunities are priced to enable you to obtain quick approval, whilst providing top value for your investment.

Kicking off in New Zealand, the first of our GRC2018 Summits will include a fantastic program of professional experts and your peers including:

Daimhin Warner - Auckland Director, Simply Privacy

Vincent McCartney - Managing Director, Verifi Identity Services Limited

Tracey Cross - Partner, DLA Piper

Naomi Burley - Managing Director, GRCI

Sarah Littlejohn - Group Risk Manager, New Zealand Post Group

Leon Schoeman - Senior AML Regulator, AML Group, Regulatory Services, Department of Internal Affairs

Ritchie Hutton - Head of Strategy, Intelligence and Advocacy, Competition and Consumer Branch, Commerce Commission

Some of the topics we will cover will include:

  • Regtech - opportunities and risks, what are the questions to ask yourself to knwo what will be a good fit for your compliance needs
  • Conduct, reputational risk and the real cost of betraying your customers' trust
  • Culture and conduct – long term themes that require increased sophistication
  • Privacy and GDPR - what do you really need to focus on where you operate?
  • What is your role in 2018 as a compliance professional? Are you doing enough?
  • Regulatory insights and strategic focus for the coming year - how can you anticipate where their focus will be?
  • Practical translations of risk appetite and risk management for front line staff
  • Regulatory insights and market overviews from key regulators - what they are learning about and how this may affect their approach in the future

We will continue to confirm our additional speakers. Stay tuned!

We would encourage you to join us at this important event – keep your skills and knowledge current to be up to the emerging challenges.

Why You Should Attend:

  • Get on top of the latest issues regulators are focusing on
  • Hear from senior practitioners representing the regulators and industry
  • Learn implementable solutions to take back to your company from local practitioners
  • Networking opportunities that will introduce you to colleagues and leaders throughout the GRC space