AML & Financial Crimes Congress 2018

12-04-2018 8:30AM 12-04-2018 5:00PM
Pan Pacific Melbourne, South Wharf, 2 Convention Centre Place, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3000

This one-day event is an opportunity for risk and compliance professionals to receive industry updates, measure different perspectives in the financial crime space, learn about merging career trends, hear from regulators, assess the impact of emerging technologies such as Fintech and RegTech, and network with like-minded professionals.

GRCI’s annual Financial Crime Summit aims to provide insights into the challenges of protecting your organisation, the latest on what is happening in the market and how you need to adapt to pick up these issues.
Financial Crime, like many risks in organisations, has been treated in a ‘subject’ and ‘discipline’ specific manner – fraud people look after fraud matters, AML specialists worry about money laundering and other specialists concentrate on their specific areas.Risk and compliance have been grouped and ungrouped and prioritised and reshuffled.
Professionals in this area have seen this cycle multiple times as organisations try to tackle these complex issues with minimal ‘cost’ to the organisation.
This is not how criminals think.
Organisations need to rise to the challenge that can potentially arise from multiple directions, across the spectrum of criminal behaviours, with criminals using every single tool they possible can – often simultaneously and extraordinarily quickly.
These behaviours create risks your organisation may not have thought of and could not anticipate. Organisations need to up their game and get a cohesive, single snapshot picture of what is happening, be agile, use every tool they have to detect and report what is happening in real time.
The GRCI FCC Summit will explore financial crime compliance issues across fraud, sanctions, money laundering and bribery and corruption. 

Our Speakers: 

Carolyn Hanson - President, GRC Institute 
Julian Hunn - Financial Crime Compliance, Flight Centre 
Eric FrostCo Founder & CEO, simpleKYC
Gaby Duncan - Senior Manager, PwC Australia 
Neil Jeans - Principal, Initialism 

The sessions: 

Bringing the unknown to light - Julian Hunn 

This session will explore how Flight Centre manages its compliance vulnerabilities to highlight their relevance to a far broader spectrum of considerations than previously considered.

It will become apparent that ABC & Sanctions should not stay buried within a legal department, as these seemingly specialised risks have implications for AML/CTF programs and risks assessments more broadly.