Regulatory Engagement Panel

31-12-2019 11:00AM 31-12-2019 12:00PM
By teleconference or the GRC Institute Office L1, 50 Clarence St, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 2000]
Member Discussion and Working Party Activities

One of our key activities for the coming year is engaging actively in member consultation, meeting with members, soliciting feedback and input and encouraging proactive requests for activities and planning. Through this process a number of themes have emerged, including a desire for the GRC Institute to reignite our engagement with regulators as well as providing opportunities for members to have access to regulatory contacts.

Given that this can be a very intensive exercise and one that needs to be informed by member input, it seems most logical to establish a standing panel of members who will meet regularly, but briefly, to bring to our attention matters on which we should be commenting, meeting with regulators or soliciting information from regulators about. This group would meet monthly for between 15 - 30 minutes each month and simply feed through their perceived issues or areas to be addressed. Further information or discussion could take place via email or one on one as necessary. Panel members may also be invited to join GRCI representatives at relevant meetings if it was thought this might add value. There may be other work involved in putting together submissions from time to time, should it be felt that a written response was necessary or valuable.

This kind of advocacy for our membership is very dependent on your input and this is a meaningful way to contribute and keep yourself informed. 

Please note that this event is listed as running only in August 2019 this is to enable members to register at any time up to the last scheduled meeting. The actual meeting dates and times are below.